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In India with a majority of Hindus, 150 million Muslims live, preserving their identity and safeguarding their personalities. They attain this through their educational institutions, the cultural centers and magnificent mosques.
The state of Kerala lies to the south of this big country. About 8 million Muslims who constitute 24% of the population are dwelling here. The Muslim generation in Kerala by the grace of the Almighty,has achieved good progress in all fields of life compared to those of other Indian states, politically, socially and economically which in turn has led them to the forefront in religious activities and missionary works. Their Herculean effort in establishing religious institutions and allied faculties has nourished Islamic sprit in the people of many villages and towns of this state. The Islamic Renaissance flourished throughout the Islamic world from the beginning of the last century had its powerful impact on the Muslims in the Indian sub-continent resulting in the call for the renovation of the Muslim society and the propagation of Islam among the Indian communities. It was the Islamic movement that acted as the main incentive behind all the educational, cultural and religious activities. A number of schools, colleges and other educational institutions are run under its administration and at the helm is the Santhapuram Islamiya College. It generously contributes to the preparation of a new generation of youth, consciousness of the responsibilities of propagation and renovation of Islamic principles. Incidentally,a number of educational institutions emulating the educational mode of Santhapuram Islamiya College have come up working for the accomplishment of the desired goals.For quite sometime the leadership of the Islamic movement had felt the compelling need for an educational institution, high in performance and standard, bringing together the outstanding graduates from different institutions , providing them with a climate of knowledge so as to develop them mentally and culturally, thereby graduating them as professional scholars of research who would dedicate themselves for Islamic propagation , lead the Muslim society in all walks of life , furnish solutions to the problems of the people in the light of Quran and Sunnah, defend the false accusations and wild attacks on Islam and play a significant role in its spreading and establishment.


The aforesaid Islamiya College established in 1955 by the renowned scholar Mohamed Ali, is the nucleus of this University. The dedicated Janab Mohammed Ali was at the forefront of Islamic renaissance in Kerala state. He had also got the help of some of the prominent Islamic preachers in Kerala. The goal of the project was preparation of Islamic preachers enlightened with both Islamic & modern knowledge.So far, 35 batches of scholars have graduated from this renowned institution. By the grace of Allah they are rendering their services to Islamic propagation in India and abroad alike.Aiming at introducing outstanding, specialized Scholars , talented journalists and eloquent speakers, Daw'a College for Islamic propagation and higher studies was established in 1990.So far ,14 batches of students have graduated from this institution and they are making tireless efforts to spread the message of Islam and thereby contribute to the Islamic renaissance in India.In 1993 Usooludheen College was started to produce scholars to give guidance to the Islamic society in terms of thoughts and practice.In 2000 the leadership of the Islamic renaissance decided to upgrade these institutions and to extend the range of its services by establishing an Islamic University comprising the above mentioned colleges & some new faculties such as Shari a' College, Quran faculty, Hadith faculty, Imam Khathib training institute, Institute for memorizing Quran, Faculty of Arabic literature, Teachers training Institute, Research centre and Centre for Information Technology.Further the Imam Khathib training institute started functioning in 2001.It was in the light of these advancements that the authority earnestly worked for the opening of the University. With the grace of Allah, the Inauguration was accomplished at the hands of the eminent scholar Dr.Yousuful Qardhawi in 2003 in the presence of a large gathering comprising Muslims and non-Muslims from different parts of the country.
Features of the Islamic University

Considering the abundant opportunities for Islamic propagation though there is scarcity of competent workers, this university is meant rather to meet the increasing requirements in the field of Islamic propagation than creating an educational explosion. Apart from the keen attention to equip the students with adequate knowledge, the University also gives importance to bringing them up thoroughly in the Islamic way. The character, brain and heart of the students are so shaped as to represent real Islam in the society free of heresy and divergence. The residential students are provided with the best possible food and modest accommodation free of charge. Another distinguishing character of the university is the attention it grants to the Muslim women's education; in this regard a special department is functioning for women graduates and post graduates. The university assumes difference in adopting Arabic language as its medium of instruction in view of the fact that Arabic language is the language of Holy Quran, prophetic tradition and all other Islamic Sciences. However, for practical reasons, the medium of instruction followed at the Information technology centre is English.

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